Jesus Conquers the World

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The Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman

Jesus.  Conquers. The. World.  Wow!   Jesus conquers the world!.  We see Him as this gentle,  perfect,  and holy man.  The One who saved us all!   When He comes to earth again He will demolish evil and save the world.  We often don’t think of who He is accompanied by: His trusty companion with a gleaming coat–the white horse.
“I looked up and saw a white horse. Its rider carried a bow, and a crown was placed on his head. He rode out to win many battles and gain the victory” (Revelation 6:2).

Now there are many reasons He could be entering on a horse:

1.He left (Palm Sunday) on a donkey as no one of high ranking from a palace thought he ranked high in many hearts.
2. Coming back, He IS a Prince,  a man of high esteem and honor.
3. The horse shows a sense of nobility for it is one of the bravest and most elegant creatures that God created.
4. Into war, many ride on horses and this is the big war that determines it all. Jesus will defeat Satan once and for all!  So the horse represents the end or war.
5. The horse we know will be white. I believe this represents Jesus and what He is bringing:  peace and purity.  

JESUS is coming to save us from Satan, the son of destruction. He is facing His last battle on one of the most noble animals of time.  Listen to how God describes the regal horse:
Job 39:19-25
“Do you give the horse its strength
or clothe its neck with a flowing mane?
20 Do you make it leap like a locust,
striking terror with its proud snorting?
21 It paws fiercely, rejoicing in its strength,
and charges into the fray.
22 It laughs at fear, afraid of nothing;
it does not shy away from the sword.
23 The quiver rattles against its side,
along with the flashing spear and lance.
24 In frenzied excitement it eats up the ground;
it cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.
25 At the blast of the trumpet it snorts, ‘Aha!’
It catches the scent of battle from afar,
the shout of commanders and the battle cry.

Sometimes, we have to be like Jesus and conquer the world–though on a smaller scale.  We prepare to fight; but, do we know how to put a foot in a stirrup?  We can’t fight alone!   Are you fighting alone today?   If you are reading this, I encourage you to see how to ride into battle with a white horse:  As people recognizing authority and purity.  We cannot have that white horse without the Savior of the world.  He wants to fight with you today.
karly Prince Caspian

Karly and Prince Caspian
Tread on fighters and mount your horse!

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