New Year’s Day 2016

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Heritage A Look Back and a Gaze Into the Future

As I listened to a YouTube concert recently I thought about this idea of heritage.  Music is my emotional/spirit-soul voice.  It will turn on the water fountain with electric speed.  I am not talking about a single tear escaping the corner of my eye.  I am talking about a “gully washer” as my great grandmother called a downpour.  I can hear a song and I am immediately transported To Another Time and Another Place (Sandi Patty)…….THE SONG REMEMBERS WHEN (thank you Alan Jackson), with all the emotion and memories associated with it.  My friends just hand me a tissue and because tenderness turns me into a blubbering puddle they know “not to be nice to me!”

Spiritual history is best remembered in song.  The songs of our faith, the faith of loved ones.  I wonder what your heritage is.  Do you know this Jesus we write about, sing about, whose return we await?   I have feared much as you have come to know.  Hymns remind us our God is bigger than our fear.

My Daddy met Jesus when I was about seven or eight because he was afraid of leading some boys astray by hypocrisy.  My mom “always” believed and it was her quiet faith in the face of great adversity that spoke volumes.  My grandmother, died when I was just six but in six short years she made me feel like a princess in a great kingdom, pouring out unconditional love.  My officer and gentleman was “a man after God’s own heart”.   I listened as these spoke of their favorite hymns and now they have all gone to be with the Lord, to hear the song is to remember this priceless heritage.  If you have been treadin’ with us long you know that music is the common thread tying us together and helping underscore our ramblings.  We Treader’s find it astounding as we write, a song will spring to mind much like scriptures and we NEVER discussed always including a piece of music in each post!  It just happened?  I don’t think so.  “It is a God thing.”  

So, I thought I would share with you my heritage and would you honor us by sharing your musical heritage?  This coming year may be the year the Lord returns.  I pray we will be ready and found faithful.  

Mamma Mae’s (the song I associate with her)

Amazing Grace by Celtic Women

Mamma’s and One of the Beauty’s

In the Garden by Ann Murray


The Old Rugged Cross by Elvis Presley

The Officer and Gentleman’s

The Days of Elijah  by 320 Productions

This Treader (I am choosing two: one from childhood and one more recent!)

How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood/Vince Gill

He Has Forgiven Me by Damaris Carbaugh

The Beauties’ (daughter and GRAND daughters-Passing the Faith Along)

It Is Well with My Soul by BigSmallVillage

His Eye Is on the Sparrow by Obed Shelton

I’ll Fly Away by Jars of Clay


The Stoic

Believer by Audio Adrenaline

Now it is your turn!  Please, tell us your story and let us hear your heart sing His praise.  Let all that has breath PRAISE the LORD!  (Psalm 150:6)

Happy New Year!  


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I am at heart, a LIFEguard: "big" sister, mama, grandmother, aunt, friend, swimming coach, lifeguard trainer, and registered nurse. I am in the business of alleviating fear through education and lots of hand holding. As a swimming instructor, I have taught people of all ages to overcome fear of the water and I marvel as fear gives way to fearlessness, as panic turns to pure joy, as tears dissolve into giggles of glee, and pennies retrieved from the bottom of the abyss become trophies. As a nurse, I have been privileged to walk up to Heaven's gate as patients and family are welcomed home, witnessed the miracle of birth, helped mend broken hearts, and cared for the elderly as they wait. Scriptures number one admonition is "fear not." Question is HOW??? The Word becomes our swimming instructor and can help us learn to "tread water til Jesus comes." Something my students often thought I was going to make them do! So welcome to my pool! Jump in the cool water. Let it refresh your soul and feel the unseen hands of the Master Lifeguard lift you up and out of the deep water. Who knows, you just might even walk on water!

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