Christmas Memories Too


Can you even imagine providing Christmas for twelve children???  I am not sure how Momma and Daddy did it, but somehow there was always presents under our tree. They seemed to lay aside their wants and provide for our needs no matter what.  This was true love and true sacrifice!!!

I remember Momma selling milk, butter, and eggs throughout the year. She would tuck back a little extra of the money for emergencies, like things needed when school would start, and for those little gifts that we would find under the Christmas tree.

We did not know that we were poor until we got older.  As little children, we never even thought of wanting everything that we saw. Our lives were simple, and we were easily satisfied with simple things.

…………And be content with such things as you have…………(Hebrews 13:5b)

We were so blessed by the Lord !!! …….. We were truly blessed and thankfulness filled our hearts!!!  To be loved by our Lord and wrapped in all of our family’s love made things alright in our little simple world.  So many times I have said to the Lord and others that I so wish my children and grandchildren could have grown up with what we had as little children. Was it perfect??? No!!! But, so good and blessed!!!

Christmas mornings, we usually would find boxes of apples and oranges under the tree. There were several large 12 inch candy canes, about one inch thick, and four inch smaller candy canes, also. We would have to use Daddy’s hammer to break up the larger ones.

Other candy under the tree were Daddy’s favorite chocolate drop candy with white inside and orange slice candy, Mama’s favorite coconut drop candy with pink, yellow, chocolate, and white outside coatings and the peach color marshmallow peanut candy.

There was usually two small gifts for each of us children. My brothers would get marbles and cars or trucks. The girls would get jacks and a small babydoll. One year we got a hoola-hoop, and another year a paddle ball attached with a rubber band. Sometimes one of the older ones would get checkers, dominoes, or pick up sticks. Oh, and paper dolls, I must not forget what fun Sharon and I had with them.

Our little hearts were so excited with all that we found under that Christmas tree. There was always lots of laughter, millions of hugs, singing, and much thanksgiving for the blessings from the Lord.

Then, I realized that it is good and proper for a man (and his family) to eat, drink, and find satisfaction (enjoyment) in the labor that he does, as God gives him life to do it.   This is what God gives him,  it is his portion. (Ecclesiastes 5:18) 

God blesses us so that our hearts will be full of gratefulness, and so we would rejoice and be glad.

Oh, the wonder of Christmas,
The magic of family,
The hope of Christ,
The love of God,
And, the blessings pour out
To hold in our memories till later.

(Matthew West – The Heart of Christmas)

Merry Christmas to One and All,

Tricia Cook

2 thoughts on “Christmas Memories Too

  1. Missy Fendley

    Merry Christmas……a little late. I love your story as usual. I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas…we need some extra prayers and I immediately thought of you to ask for prayer. My father-in-law has traveled to Arkansas for treatment for multiple myeloma. We will know Thursday what type of treatment and how long and what stage. Monday -Wednesday they will be doing their own test on him. Thank you in advance. Sometimes it feels like others (you) just have a direct line to God 🙂 that the rest of us don’t have.

    Btw, thank y’all for giving Jack a job!!! He needed one 🙂

  2. Tricia

    Missy, I will began to pray for your father-in-law, family, all his doctors & caregivers. I will especially pray for Godly wisdom for the exact kind of treatment he needs. The Lord promises that ” ……… us, who are the seed of the blessed of the Lord & our offspring, that before we call , ” I WILL ANSWER ” and while we are still speaking, ” I WILL HEAR “. (Is. 65:23b-24). ( We appreciate Jack helping us out.) Love forever, Tricia


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