Do You Know?

Before moving further into this writing, my heart cries out to know:

Do you know my Jesus?

Do you know my Friend?

Have you heard that “He loves you,”

And, that He will abide till the end.

God loved the world (you and I) so much that He gave Jesus, His Son, so that anyone who would believe in Him should not perish (to die and be separated from Him forever) but would have eternal life (to be His and to live with Him throughout eternity).  (John 3:16)

Song Verse 1:     Have you a heart that’s weary, tending a load of care?

Are you a soul that’s seeking rest from the burden you bear?

Song Verse 2 :    Who knows your disappointments?

Who hears each time you cry?

Who understands your heartaches?

Who dries the tears from your eyes?

There is only One Person, Jesus Christ, who can take our burdened hearts and lives and give us new ones.  The Lord promises “to save all of us who call on the Name of Jesus, His Son.” (Rom. 10:13)

God has given to each of us a measure of “Faith” (Rom 12:3b). So reach out with faith “believing in your heart” that Jesus is the Savior you need.  With your mouth confess your sins, turn from them to the Lord, and receive the salvation He offers. (Rom. 10:8-10)

Then, you will be able to sing this song to me:

Yes, I know your Jesus,

Yes, I know your Friend,

Yes, I have heard that He loves me,

And that He will abide to the end.

May I welcome you into God’s family.  We are now on a journey to “knowing Him” more and more as each day passes.

Love forever,

Tricia Cook

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