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Let It Go

(our guest treader, Karly, returns this week)

let it go

I think stuff that I shouldn’t.  I worry about stuff I shouldn’t.  I am not perfect.  I am human.

In the beginning we were created in God’s image as the perfect man.  When we inherited our sin nature from Adam and Eve, we could no longer be perfect.

Do you have times when you are so wrapped up in something you don’t notice anything else?  It’s called worry.  I worry myself so much I create even more worry and then I get paranoid over that.

I don’t like to give my worries to God because I think I can handle them myself.  The truth is I can’t!  There’s this saying we can all apply to our lives…

“let go and let God”

We have to let our worries go and move on with life!  I even get paranoid about what I’m worried about.  It’s no fun, take it from me?

Sometimes we just have to be like Elsa in Frozen, when she was scared she let all her worries go and forgot the storm inside. She was free!

God will break the chains made of worry that you let control your life!  Ask God….
“Lord free me from the chains of bondage, built by worry and fear!  Free me to be yours!”

Sin is driven by the one and only Satan!  Worry is a sin even though we don’t realize it!  Don’t be serving Satan and living in chains!


(Exhale by Plumb)