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What is your Christmas Prayer?

I know many of you do not watch the video but I sincerely hope that listening to these two will help you think about the true meaning of Christmas.   What is your Christmas Prayer? Our prayer is that you will listen and respond.

Below the videos is a challenge  for you this Christmas     A prayer For Every Year-Christmas Song

One more that will touch your heart for the world this Christmas.

BeBe Winans, Rob Thomas  My Christmas Prayer

What is your Christmas prayer?

We are sending a challenge for this Christmas season.  We want to challenge our loyal followers to write a short prayer or if you feel the spirit move a longer prayer to be compiled on our blog.  We believe that there is power when we pray together for each other.  Let’s bring our hearts together to pray for a true spirit of Christmas to be born in the hearts of those around us.  First in our homes, then out to a world that needs the love of a friend.  Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24b) but we are His ministers here and now.  Reach out to shine the light of Jesus into a dark world.

You can write it  anonymously if you like.  Our readers would love to hear what others are praying for in 2017-2018.

When you fill out this contact form it goes directly to our inbox at treadingwater. No names will be published.