Who is Driving the Ship?


(Repost from October 16, 2015)

(Karly is a 14 year old student at American Christian Academy in Tuscaloosa, AL.  We welcome Karly as our guest Treader this week!  If you enjoyed Karly’s post, write a comment and share that with her.)

Have you ever been so angry at someone your mind goes ballistic?

I know I have.

I am one of those people who doesn’t want to wait on anything!  So waiting on God is tough!

God tells us that He will handle our enemies who have done us wrong.

Karly dive in! Be totally abandoned to Jesus will!

He does things in his own time…. But occasionally, I like to step in and try to drive the ship, and eventually the storm sends me overboard.  My God always picks me up when I’m gasping for breath and almost drowning.  At just the right moment, He picks me up out of the ocean when I just cannot tread anymore.  I have felt him wrap a towel around me and dry me off.

He has never left me, nor forsaken me!

Are you one of those people who need to step in and drive God’s ship?  I promise if we are patient our enemies will be driven out to sea!   So instead of taking the wheel, just let God sail and give all your anger to him and be patient.

Treading ’til He comes,


One thought on “Who is Driving the Ship?

  1. Beth Brown

    Thank you Karly. I will think of this message when I get frustrate be impatient with others. Just imagine this world if this we would all let God
    take of our anger. So proud of you, Love and blessings of peace.


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