Activity of God


Activity of God by Susan Browder

“Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind, so you cannot understand the activity of God.” Ecclesiastes 11:5


After being home for a few weeks, Jacob’s schedule consisted of Physical Therapy with
Skebo, Mary Ann, and Don at Genesis Rehab, speech therapy with Dana Eddins, and a
homebound teacher, Ali Hathcock. It was great to get into a routine and to see all of
these people that cared so much for Jacob help to get him better. My number one
priority at this time was to get rid of the cane! I bugged the Physical Therapist so much
about this and learning to walk again.


We had just learned that Jacob had double vision and this was definitely not helping his
balance. He tripped over things all day long. He fell numerous times trying to do things
on his own and scared me to death.

I can remember smiling so many times during this time because I could see God
working. I could see that Jacob’s walking was getting better and it would bring tears to
my eyes. I would cringe every time a person looked at me and said the words I
despised the most, “Bless your heart.” People had no idea what a blessing it was to
see improvements. My family didn’t look at our situation as a “bless your heart”
situation. It is really the coolest blessing to see improvements at the hands of God
before your very eyes.

Watching God in our lives

One Friday night, Jacob wanted to go to the Demopolis High School game. We got
permission to drive our jeep to the corner of the field to watch. The next Friday night,
Jacob was asked to be a captain for his team. Still in his wheelchair most of the time,
we knew he was going to need assistance walking on the field. He wore his Jersey and
was escorted by two players to the middle of the field. This was bitter sweet, but I knew
as I folder his #7 jersey up that night, that would be the last time that he would wear it.
We all had a lot of time to “BE STILL.” Every day when I felt like kicking and screaming
and so mad at myself that I allowed this situation, I remembered this verse.

As I watch Jacob during this time walk, he shook and trembled so badly. It is really so
difficult for him. He has so many things right now that are working against him. But I
am at peace because I constantly remind myself to live each day by faith.

Counting my blessing,

Susan Browder

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About Susan Browder

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”  Hebrews 11:1 I grew up in a small town in Alabama called Boligee. I am a wife and a mom to two sons, Nick who is 24 and married to his sweet wife, Mallory, and Jacob who is 18.  My husband, Nicky, is a person of who I am so proud. Our lives changed forever on September 6, 2014 about 7:00 pm. Our son, Jacob, had an accident that would deeper our faith in God and challenge us in ways we never dreamed. My prayer is that our story will encourage others in their struggles with life altering experiences. My writing will be our testimonies but more than that it is about how we have a loving, caring God that carries us through the most difficult times of our lives.

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  1. Beth Brown

    Just thinking of seeing him at Jean’s party. He looked amazing!! Love theses stories of praise!! God is good!


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