Monthly Archives: August 2017

A Psalm and a Prayer for those in the path of Harvey



In the precious name of your Son, Jesus,  who holds all creation by the power of His name, I pray for the people in these areas of rain, storm and floods. I pray that you will give them a safe haven in the storm.  I ask you to still the raging sea and quiet the waters.  Father, in their affliction help them cry out to you for their salvation, not just from this present trouble, but for life in you.  Father protect them from evil men who would take advantage of their plight.  I ask that you give them peace in the midst of the storm and faith that you will see your children through to that safe haven.  I ask that you open the hearts of your people, as you always do, to be willing to go and to help.  I pray for the protection of those who are volunteering now and in the future when the real work begins as they begin to clean up after the water recedes.  I pray for wisdom of the governing leaders to know what to do.  I pray for patience for the people because these times are stressful and they are hungry,cold/hot, uncomfortable, scared, angry and insecure about their future. Only you can give comfort for an hour such as this and we trust that you will answer their prayers.

Thank you for your continuous watch over us even in the worst of times.

Literally treading water for Jesus today.

Freda Reynolds