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Do you ever wonder about life circumstances or even what your future holds?  Do you ever sit and question why or how God put someone or something in your life?  There are many unknowns in this thing we call life, because of this fallen world.  The one who said the world is full of rainbows and unicorns lived in a fantasy world!  Life is like walking into a deep tunnel with no flashlight and no way out.  It is kinda one of those things where you have to jump off the cliff and hope or charge out of the gate on an animal traveling at mach speed and hope you can hang on.

Just like Esther, when Esther marries Xerxes, she goes into something unknown.  A kingdom….not to mention the foreign people who share no customs she has grown up learning.  Esther was heading down the dark tunnel we call life.  But Esther possessed something many people do not have:  God!  See for some this walking down into the dark tunnel, it is pitch black.  However, for Esther and many Christians today, this black distant place that is impossible to escape is brightened by the beaming light of faith in God.  This light (faith in God) helped Esther gain the love and trust of those around her.

Or, have you ever wondered what your calling or purpose is?  Have you ever asked the same question over and over, “What is the purpose of my life?”  It is a very common question everyone asks.  It is not something we really know immediately.  God has a way of calling us to do it in time.  We have interests and desires and ideas of what we want to do, but through trial and error, when we listen to God and those around us, we can learn what our purpose is.

Esther’s story showcases this well.  It all goes back to King Saul.  Saul lost favor with God for not killing King Agag, is how the story actually started.  See Haman is a descendent of Agag making him an Agagite.  Haman was one of ten brothers.  In the story, when Xerxes makes Haman second in command, or Xerxes “right hand man,” is where the danger for Esther and the Jews begins.  Mordecai, Esther’s uncle who raises her after her parents are killed, made Haman very angry.  Mordecai’s faith in God was so strong he refused to bow down to Haman.  This kindled a fire in Haman of hatred not only toward Mordecai , but also his people, the Jews.  While Haman plots against Mordecai and the Jews, Mordecai saves Xerxes life by catching two of the king’s men plotting to kill Xerxes.  Mordecai tells Esther who warns her husband and the two men are hanged.  This is then written in the scroll of good deeds.   One night, Xerxes awakens to trouble in his mind.  He has one of his men pull out the scroll, read the account, and asks if Mordecai has been rewarded.  The answer was no!  Haman comes in the next day and wants to ask for permission to hang Mordecai as he has already prepared the gallows.  Before he can ask, Xerxes asks Haman what he should do to reward a special man.  This of course makes Haman think of himself so he says to let this person be dressed in the king’s linens  and let them be led through the city of Susa on one of the king’s horses.  The king thinks this is a great idea and has Haman lead Mordecai on a horse dressed in fine clothes through the city.    Haman is like a bomb about to explode at this point.  He asks for the king’s signet ring to make laws and this is granted.  Then, Haman makes an edict stating that all the countries from Greece to India were to kill any Jews on a certain date.   This causes great panic in the Jewish people and Mordecai rips his clothes and puts ashes on his face as he weeps and mourns.  He relays the message to Esther, and through this God is exposing Esther’s purpose.  Even though she may die trying, she is to save her people.  Since Xerxes has not called for her, she risks her life by going to him without his request.  He saves her by extending his scepter.  Once she is granted permission to speak she invites the king and Haman to a attend a banquet.  He agrees and when they are there she asks for them to attend a second one.  At this second banquet, she exposes Haman and his plan requesting Xerxes save her and her people.  Xerxes strips Haman of his position and uses his own gallows to hang him on.  Mordecai is then placed second in command where he receives the king’s signet ring and makes a second edict to combat the first allowing the Jews to fight for their lives.  See once you create a royal edict you cannot change it no matter how old it is but you can combat it with other edicts issued.  The Jews with faith in God win and cause distress of many nations.  

Are you going to go out and be faithful?  Will you find your purpose just like Esther?  God calls us to not be afraid and to place our trust on Him.  These words I can apply to my life as can you because we overcompensate by trying to fix everything.  Instead, if we kept our eyes on God we would never have to worry.  Be faithful IN the Savior today!



https://youtu.be/ZxFCber4TDo   Mandisa   Esther -Born For This

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