He Did This For You

He Did This For You
By Rita Patrick

The sword cut through his flesh
The whip stung like the words we spew
The nails dug in like nothing we would ever go through

Laughing and joking and mocking they did
Having another “King” was certainly forbid
But Jesus hung there in excruciating pain
Giving those that doubt something incredible to gain

They bullied Him, they cursed Him, they said he was to blame
All they wanted was to witness what they thought was his shame
Instead, he cried out “forgive them Father, they know not what they do”
He did this for them.  He did this for You

He rose on this day no blood on His hands
As the Word spread throughout the land
Jesus has risen, our sins he has bought
He lives in our hearts he lives in each thoughts
All he asks is live by his word and spread the news
Jesus is King and he died for you

Poem written by Rita Patrick
(sister to Yvonne Jones–looks like creativity and writing runs in the family!)


Hillsong   Amazing Love/ I’m forgiven

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