Mary Anoints Jesus Feet

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Anointing Jesus Feet
Video of Scriptures Matthew 26:6-25
Mark 14:3-9  John 12:1-9

Mary of Bethany.  Sister to Martha and Lazarus.  She is a sweet soul, with a child-like heart:  she believed all He said.  She understood He was telling His disciples of His impending death, burial, and resurrection.  She believed Him because she had witnessed Him raise her very own brother from the grave and he should have already been decaying.  According to Vicki Kraft, an author for, “Mary was the one who was spiritually in tune with Jesus.”  Oh, to be spiritually in tune with the Savior!  How I want this.   Could it be her life will reveal the clues of what is required to be “in tune?”   We know Mary of Bethany was willing to “sit at the feet of Jesus” to listen and learn.   Mary was quiet and thoughtful.  She grieved her brother’s death deeply.  “Deep grief is proof of deep love.”   Jesus “applauded her choice to learn from Him.”    In the story of Lazarus illness and death, I see she is deeply affected by Jesus delay and Jesus is “moved” by the grief she and Martha share.

It is following Lazarus resurrection,  we see Mary’s devotion to the Master expressed in the costliest of terms:  financially, socially, and emotionally.  Mary wears her heart on her sleeve.  I do this……. Her spiritual gift is mercy, giving, and service.  This public display of adoration, worship, and devotion in another’s home (Simon the Leper) makes the witnesses uncomfortable and they voice their displeasure with this “disciple” of Jesus.    Jesus on the other hand, defended her and made a promise:  Her unadulterated expression of worship would be forever remembered!

The gospel writers, Mark and John, tell us Mary anointed Jesus head and feet.    To anoint His head pointed to His kingship as oil was used in the coronation ceremonies.  This was often done by a priest or prophet as when Samuel anointed David as King.  Anointing Jesus feet “models service, discipleship, and love.”    Mary lavishes Jesus with a perfume costing a year’s wage.  Then, uses her hair as a towel.  Mary is the first to operate in Jesus kingdom of priests.   What is the significance of her using her hair?  It required her to kneel at Jesus feet and  to bow her face to the ground in total humility.   It was a picture of laying her “pride and glory” at His feet.  (I Cor. 11:15)  The fragrance permeated the room like incense in the temple.  It was this extravagance the enemy used to send Judas over the edge and off he scampered to “make a deal with the devil.”  He was not interested in the poor, he was only interested in being part of something BIG and Jesus was just keeping it too small;  Jesus was not interested in “moving on up” in society, He only wanted to move up in the hearts of His people.

Jesus sees Mary’s “act of worship as preparations for His burial.”    Jesus reminds His disciples they will not always have Him and said emphatically, “she has anointed my body beforehand for its burial.”   This anointing is a beautiful picture of the adoration of a Bride for her Bridegroom: the church for the Savior.  Intimacy.  Love.  Commitment.


Mary Anoints Jesus

Mary was not ashamed of following Jesus.  Her worship was both public and private.  She wanted to stay close to the Master.  She clung to every word.  She believed He was who He said He was: the Son of God.   She understood He would do what He said He was going to do.  Jesus was her teacher, her friend, and her Savior.  Mary adored the Lord.

Mary is not mentioned as being at the cross or at the tomb.  Lots of other Mary’s were there, but not Mary of Bethany.  Could it be, she saw no reason to subject herself to the horror show of Passover because He said He would rise in three days?  Was she confident when He arose she would see Him?  I think of all Jesus followers, Mary of Bethany understood not only WHO Jesus was, but what He came to accomplish.  Just think, a woman was the first to truly worship Jesus as LORD.  Women were of vital importance to the life, ministry, and mission of Jesus.  We still are!  The lesson here is to sit at the feet of Jesus.  Learn who He is and what He has done.  Get a glimpse of what He is asking you to do before you start “working” for Him.  Mary of Bethany, was highly commended by Jesus for choosing the right thing:  worshipping and learning.  Martha of Bethany He reprimanded for choosing the busyness.  When we listen and learn, worship and wait, we too will be commended by the Master.  Mary’s anointing of Jesus was a private moment of worship done publically.  In Mary’s mind no other person was in the room:  Just. Jesus.

Father, may we worship you in such a way that everything and everyone  fades completely from view.  May our hearts be “spiritually in tune to Jesus.”  Help us to hear His Word, follow Him, and choose the best thing.  May our worship flow from a heart of praise and thanksgiving for all You have done, all You are doing, and all You will do for You have said You are coming back!

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    1. Freda Reynolds

      This one is by Von! I wish I could say it like she does. Thanks Von! You understand mercy better than most of us.
      Judy I do have to include you in that statement. You understand mercy better than I do too. Love you girls.

  1. Beth Brown

    I need to work on “being a Mary, not. Martha”! Great reminder of the beauty and importance of personal worship. Bless you Von.


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