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Friends are like sheltering trees


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Tree are one of God’s best pictures of how life really is.  Trees start their lives thin and wispy.  Sometimes I think that little twig will never make it in the wind.  But it begins to grow and put down deep roots.  It gets stronger as those roots go down deep.  On some, the roots go down as tall as the tree, at least I was told that by a great forester friend.

Trees go through different seasons.  They have times when they are majestic in their spread canopies.  Then comes the autumn where some give off their most brilliant colors but then they begin to lose their beautiful leaves and they fall to a barren dormant season.  Winter comes and they bare up under the harshest cold and storms.   But then comes the spring when new life emerges and life is good again.

Can you relate?  We all go through seasons in our lives too. God in his infinite wisdom created life this way.  We find in Genesis 1:14, “Then God said, ‘Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and seasons and for days and years.”  God gives us seasons in life.

Today I end one season and tomorrow I begin a new season.  Retired!  Will I put out to pasture? Will I have adventures?  Will I go softly into the night?  These are questions yet to be answered.

All of life is an adventure!  The good times, the friends along the way, the hard times that teach us difficult lessons all are beneficial and under the hand of a loving guiding God.  Who sits like a silversmith ever watching to make sure we are not allowed to be destroy or become reprobate silver.

The song I posted with this blog is on my favorite list from Newsong.   Sheltering Trees – We all need sheltering trees- friends in our lives that get down on their knees.  Lifting us up to the King of Kings- We all need sheltering trees.

I have had such friends like this in my life for the last 10 years.  We have been family to each other, work friends, co-workers and  today I am leaving for a new season.  Our work lives become so much of who we are.  I appreciate them and all they have done to made me a better person and strengthen me in trying times.   These friendships have been like that sheltering tree.  There are others of you out there in blogger land that have also been part of the sheltering tree.  May we will continue to grow through our seasons.  May we will continue shelter each other through the storms in life.  May we will share the love of Christ and the gospel to those who come under our canopy.

To God be the glory for the wonderful things he has done.

Each day is a new beginning but yesterday memories provide us a look at where we have been and how we got here.  Today thank a friend for being that place to come and rest under a cool shading place in the summer and a shelter from the cold of winter.

Love you all,