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Psalm 145:19  He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He also will hear their cry and save them.

Ready, Set, GO!  List all your little heart desires.  All your wants.  All your needs.   Ohhhhh, wait, there is a disclaimer:  only for those who fear HIM.  Ummmmmm………not like a Santa Claus wish list?  

How much fear of Him do I have?  Do I have to have it?  My heart skipped a beat as I pondered these questions.  I cannot go to Him as a “spoiled brat.”  I have to stand in reverence (fear) of my Heavenly Father which requires humility, obedience (ugh) patience (double ugh), and gratitude (you have got to be kidding me, right?).

Don’t click ESCAPE just yet.  Let’s start over:  Read this scripture ONE. Word. At. A. Time.  Hang on to every single word.  Hang on to this ring buoy because your life really does depend on it!

He– the LORD God of Heaven and earth

Will- it is not a maybe, but a certainty

Fulfill- bring, give, complete, make it happen

The desire-what you long for, what you NEED, what you want (even if you are unaware)

Of those who fear Him- His children, those who have a relationship with Him

He-the same LORD God of Heaven who is YOUR heavenly Father with the right to chasten, discipline, and withhold, just as much as He provides your needs, the beauty of the earth around you, the air you breathe.

Will hear-He is not deaf, does not ignore

Their cry-yours, mine, all His children’s pain, suffering, confusion, hurts, questions, losses

And save them-rescue, redeem, reconcile, protect, teach.

I need to know this on the dark days of my life.  I need to know He hears my cries, sees my tears, and knows the desire of my broken, bleeding, and inconsolable heart.  You need this too!  (I see the tear sliding down your cheek, I hear the sob accompanying your tears.)  

I cry out to the LORD in times of NEED.  I’m prone to put Him and His Word on the shelf when all is well..  My biggest failure–treating Him like Santa Claus instead of my wonderful Heavenly Father who gives me a thousand gifts every day–even on my worst day.  No wonder I can’t see His hand of mercy.  I am too self-absorbed.  Ann Voskamp writes, “Fears that drive our focus can drive us away from love.”  Think about this.  

Remember Hagar?  (Fear Not #2, July 29, 2015)  

Read this verse again.  (Psalm 145:19)

Our Father cares about the WHOLE of us:  Our desires, our tears, our bondage.  All He asks is our devotion (love).

Challenge:  Begin a prayer journal (all you need is a pen and paper, nothing fancy).

Date Requests                            Date Answered                             How

Trust me, He takes every single prayer very seriously and even if it is just a “wishful thought” to you,  He is Abba Father.  Once many years ago I wrote in my prayer journal that I wanted us to scuba dive as a family.  I never dreamed it would happen because the officer and gentleman was not thrilled with the idea.  Can I tell you God heard the wishful thought prayer and when my children were fourteen and twelve years old we all jumped into the Gulf of Mexico in one hundred feet of water and went diving as a family.   We explored a wreck, saw fish, encountered a shark, saw the sun beams through the water, and watched our bubbles rise like a prayer to the surface of the ocean.  Makes me smile still!!  My Father, gave me the desire of my heart, gave me a memory, taught our family a lesson.  Just like my Daddy, the Lord wanted to see this daughter delighted!

Psalm 147:11  The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear HIm, In those who Hope in His mercy.

Bask in the light of this amazing grace today.  Soak up this incredible reality.   

Amazing Grace

Treading on

Yvonne Jones


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