The Turning of the Wheel

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(48.) “ The Turning Of The Wheel “

Over the years, I have always looked forward to the Olympics. My favorite has been the floor exercise of the gymnast. This year I have been drawn to one little 16 year old, named Laurie Hernandez. She is the youngest member of the team in the 2016 Women’s Olympics.

I told my little granddaughter as we were watching the introductions one evening, “Baby, I believe she knows Jesus!”  She ask me why did I think that, to which I replied “Look at her, there is a “light” coming out her eyes and her countenance.” In the following days I began to search out more information about Laurie. Her motto is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13) She is known for her joyous expressions while performing her routines and for sharing her faith in God.


The trials, tragedies, and tough circumstances that are allowed to touch our  lives represent “The Turning of the Wheel” in our lives; and the Potter’s Wheel has turned many times in this young girl’s life.  And overtime she has had a broken right wrists on two different occasions, a fractured left elbow, a dislocated right kneecap, and a torn patellar tendon from landing wrong while vaulting. She has a reconstructed cadaver’s tendon in her knee;  and once while working on the uneven bars, she smashed her teeth and could not eat solid food for some time. Throughout all these trials and difficult circumstances, Laurie never became bitter.

Relying heavily on prayer during these tough times, she continues to give God all the glory. She says prayer really grounds her, helps her to think more clearly, and calms her down before she does her routines. She says  “I just wake up thanking God for another day, and go to sleep thanking Him for another day. I want to thank God, cause with Him nothing is impossible.”(Luke 1:37)

She believes that everyday God is “ molding her “ into someone that He wants her to be; and she is using the God given talents and abilities to bring Him glory. She shares her faith and scripture to encourage those around her.

Her favorite Bible verse is “She is clothed with dignity and strength, and she laughs without fear of the future.”(Prov. 31:25)

She has not given up, but, persevered through all those challenges on the Road to Rio.  God is rewarding her and using her in extraordinary ways. She has won her first gold medal with a perfect performance. In this writing we see only one story of how God uses “ The Turning of the Wheel “ in someone’s life.

But, each of us is a story in itself of the beautiful vessel that “the Potter”is forming for His glory.

Love forever,


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