In The Name of Jesus

(Ladies III Sunday School Class for August 14,2016)

Introduction to the Study:

The book we are using for this study, In the Name of Jesus, was written from a series of sermons by Kenneth Hagin who relied heavily on a book written by E.W. Kenyon, The Wonderful Name of Jesus.

Dr. Hagin has gone to be with the LORD at the age of 86, “of old age.”  He believed in the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome the enemy.  We as believers have authority over the enemy.   As a teenager he was bed-bound with a heart defect.  He began to study Scripture and believed what the Word said and began to believe and act on it and his ministry was a direct result of his personal experience.  He was Harvard educated.  He has often been maligned as the “father of the prosperity gospel,” however, a study of the Word is where our focus will be.  The Scriptures will speak for themselves. 

Mark 11:22-24  “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. 23 “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

This is not a “name it and claim it” study.  This is us learning what Jesus has made available to us and how to appropriate the gifts He has given us through His death, burial, and resurrection “for such a time as this!”   As a believer these are the gifts we have a right to use.  We will learn to claim ONLY what Scripture tells us we can.

Learning to pray effectively is vital.  Philippians 4:6

The Holy Spirit will be our teacher and reveal the Truth to us.  John 14:11-14

We are to follow Jesus instructions:

To ask in HIS Name

To Believe and not doubt

To understand our fight is against the enemy, not people, culture, situations

To be bold in faithful

I  Corinthians 2:14

Haggai 2:9

Matthew 24:4-14

To be a part of this journey will be LIFELONG and will bring REVIVAL!

We will learn from each other; we will learn as we go.

Luke 4:18-19

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
because he has anointed me  to proclaim good news to the poor. 

He has sent me:

to proclaim freedom for the prisoners  and

recovery of sightt for the blind,

to set the oppressed free,

to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

“Our commission trumps Satan’s agenda.”  Kenneth Hagin, Jr

Where to Keep Our Focus:  No matter what adverse circumstances show up, we can experience the victory God intends for us.  We can praise Him for delivering us out of every trial.  But to walk in our God, in triumph we should keep three don’ts in mind:

DON’T PANIC  Instead, praise God.  View troubles and problems from Jesus perspective.  He has already overcome the world and He did it for us!

DON’T BE PROBLEM FOCUSED  No one is exempt from problems, but you don’t have to dwell on them.  Thank God for what you have.  Don’t focus on what you don’t have.

DON’T BE A PESSIMIST  Pessimism is doubt in action.  Focus on the goodness and power of God.  Thank Him that He will do for you what He said in His Word.  Than will change your outlook.

Matthew 18:18

When we operate in the power of Jesus much can change!  Explosive power can work in us as well as the Apostles.

John 16:23-24

Suggested additional resources:
Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore 
Before Amen  and The Great House of God by Max Lucado
The Name by Franklin Graham
Found In Him by Elyse M Fitzpatrick
Scripture Keys for Kingdom Living by June Neuman Davis also on
Power of Prayer: Claiming your legal rights by Tony Evans (youtube)
The Helper by Catherine Marshall

Assignment:  Read Chapter one of In the Name of Jesus.  Ask the Father to give you understanding in the Name of Jesus.

Answer the following questions and be prepared to discuss.

  1. What does it mean to have POA (power of attorney)?
  2. What is the value of this power of attorney?
  3. How may we use His Name (the Name of Jesus)?
  1. We are to pray to ____________,
    1. For Jesus Sake.
    2. In the Name of Jesus.
  2. Where does Jesus state God’s will concerning prayer?  Write down the reference and write out the Scripture.
  3. When praying for someone else, what comes into play in the situation?
  4. When praying for someone else’s needs, what can nullify the effects of your faith?
  5. Why would prayer not work for you?
  6. What Scripture gives us authority in the Name of Jesus against all powers of darkness?  Write it out!
  7. In Matthew 28:18-20  Jesus is literally saying……….___________    _____________ is given unto Me in Heaven and in earth.
  8. In Matthew 18:19-20 what is Jesus referring to in the greater sense?
  9. What is the secret of this verse (Matthew 18:19-20)
  10. How can I begin to exalt Jesus and His Name in our conversation instead of “bragging on the devil?”

Scriptures on prayer

Matthew 6:6 Micah 3:4 James 1:6

Philippians 4:6-7 Matthew 6:9-13 1 John 5:14-15

Psalm 40:13 Luke 18:9-14 James 4:3

Ephesians 6:18 John 16:23-24

If you have questions, write them down.

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