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Words of Encouragement


I, the Lord, your God will never ever forget you.
You are never alone!!!
Your earthly family and friends may forget you, but, I will never forget you or forsake you.
I have engraved you in the palm of My hand. (Isaiah 49:14-16)
I have laid down everything for you.
I have been beaten, bruised, cursed, and abused for you. (Isaiah 53:5-11)

Oh, how deep, how wide is my love for you.
You are precious, so precious, my child;
I adore you, I cherish you.
I long to hold you and carry you through every tough situation.
Lean on Me, let Me be the strength and power that you depend upon.
Let Me hold you, let Me carry you. (Psalm 119:116-117)
How beautiful you are My beautiful child.
My love is like rivers covering, surrounding, saturating your very existence.

Do you hear Me, Child???

You are of great value and worth; there is no one like you!!!
No one can even compare to you.
I made you unique and different.
I have gifted you with special abilities and talents.
I am shaping you into a “vessel of honor” that I need and want.
Every detail of you is embedded in My memory.

“Oh the love of the your Father that is being poured out on you.”
Can you compare Me and My love to anything else. (Psalm 89:6-8)
Just as “I AM” incomparable with another, so are you, My love.

Casting Crowns – Just Be Held

Love from your Father,