Matthew 6:34 Fear Not Tomorrow


Matthew 6:34  “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”  (KJV)

Worry, anxiety, thoughts racing, turmoil, insomnia, doubt, uncertainty ………………all words synonymous with FEAR!  As we delve into the New Testament and all that Jesus and the early church writers teach about this overwhelming problem in the Christian life, I wonder if we’ll glean any new information?  I believe the answer is yes; or, our Father would not have had it written down.  (Whether there are 365, 88 or 190 scriptures on “fear not” we can be thankful the Lord led us to this study instead of the study of money which has 2300 scriptures to ponder!)

In the musical Annie, the song “Tomorrow” is a favorite.  It is optimistic and hopeful.  This scripture tells the truth of our daily lives.  We WORRY about tomorrow.  WE fear tomorrow.  Jesus however, wants us to be like a little orphaned girl with curly red locks singing her way through a life less than ideal.  Do you realize our tomorrows are endless?  We are created for eternity.  Our yesterdays–gone.  Our tomorrows–endless (I know some would say not promised, but this is not what scripture teaches).  Today is the here and now.  We live like Stretch Armstrong being pulled in two different direction to the point of disfigurement only to rebound to the same state.  We rise in the morning with a to-do list we cannot complete and go to bed rehearsing all we will need to accomplish tomorrow.  This is in direct opposition to what Jesus told the disciples.  In the gospels, we never see Jesus in a hurry, stressed, worried, having trouble sleeping, frustrated (except with the religious leaders) or bouncing like a ball in a pinball machine knowing He has only three years to get His work done!  Where does this peace, tranquility, leisurely lifestyle originate?  It originates in one relationship–time spent with His Father.  He follows His guidance, speaks His words, goes where He is sent, and does only what He sees the Father doing.  

Dorothy Thompson writes, “Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.”

Annie lived above her circumstances by living in the moment and choosing not to worry about tomorrow!  She embraced her tomorrow knowing that today has enough trouble for itself.  Her life was a blessing to all–even Ms. Hannigan.

I leave you with this thought:  Jesus never had fear, worry, anxiety, stress, or turmoil.  He only felt oppression as He faced taking on my sin knowing it would separate Him from His Father.  Are you suffering from mental anguish?  Draw near to the Lord.  He promises if you do, your worries will disappear.  Maybe, just maybe, if I focused on the Father and being close to Him, I would reflect the life of Christ a whole lot better.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow; you’re only a day away!”  In Christ, our tomorrows are a sure thing!  Living with Jesus, mansions, streets of gold, feasting, peace, family, eternal sunny skies, the list of good is endless.

Father, for the promise of a bright, “the sun will come out,”  tomorrow and for the assurance of your Presence with us today we thank you in the name of Jesus.

Overcomer by Mandisa


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