Are you chasing donkeys? God will lead you to himself and his plan for your life.


Saul’s story is in I Samuel Chapters 9-31

Saul’s story begins with three lost donkeys.  His family was most likely a wealthy family but not a royal one. They probably never thought their family would have a king.  They were from the tribe of Benjamin. They were least of all the tribes and Saul’s clan was the humblest (least prominent of clan) according to Saul (I Samuel  9:21 Saul’s father Kish, tells him to take a servant and go find the the donkeys that were missing. Donkeys were prized possession owned by the wealthy. The donkey was a symbol of industry, wealth and peace.   Saul and the servant were gone three days without finding them.  Saul tells the servant that they needed to return to his father because he would be worried about them more than being concerned about the donkeys.  The servant tells him there is a “seer” that might be able tell them where to find the animals.  He had a silver coin to pay the “seer” whose name was Samuel.  They go to find Samuel.  While on the way, they run into Samuel.

Samuel recognizes that this was the man that the LORD had chosen to anoint as king. The people wanted a king to replace the judges. When Samuel separates out the tribes and the clan, Saul’s family is chosen and they find Saul hiding behind the baggage!!! Hiding when God wants to announce him as their king.

Saul is accepted by the Israelites because he looked the part.  He was taller than most. He was handsome.  Was he humble or was he cowardly?  When all the people cheered and cried out, “Long live the King” they were really saying we do not want God to be King of Israel.  

Saul had everything going for him. He was strong, given a new heart which the bible indicates by saying he was a changed man.  He had spiritual power given to him.  He had loyal friends who went home with him after the ceremony. He also had friends that called him worthless which he showed grace and forgiveness to later. One of the few things Saul did that showed his newly changed heart.  Remember the parable of the sower?  The was a seed planted but when troubles came it was chocked out.  Then he had Samuel’s guidance and prayers.  

For two years he was a great king!!! Two years… He reigned forty or forty-two years depending on which theologian you read.  2 out of 42 years!!! Not good!

Starting well is great! But how you finish tells more about character and integrity.  It will be how you end that means more.  Remember Lifelong Daily Process!  Everyday is the day we need to seek him.  

Are you hiding in the baggage?  When opportunities to serve arise, are you slinking down and trying to get out of them?   Is it fear that keeps you hiding?  (See Von’s post on fear! It can change your life)  Stop running chicken little! Cast out the fear. Is it insecurity?  Is there any unforgiveness in your life? Is there unconfessed sin?  Or does complacency hold you back?  Maybe is it plain self absorption? Ouch!  Are my toes turning blue?  

Moses thought he was unqualified! David was too young to fight the giant! Adam was to afraid to tell his wife “No”.  

We can all find reasons to hide from what God calls us to do.  Now is not the time for hiding!  People need the LORD.  Our country is in dire need of people to step up and be counted for the LORD.  It will cost you something.  BUT with GOD, He can accomplish whatever he asks.

Don’t be a Saul!  Don’t run and hide. Don’t make curses or oaths. You may find they  will come back on you. Don’t leave the LORD out of decisions.  If you know it is something God has forbidden then don’t even think about getting ahead of God’s plan.   Don’t let jealousy take you over.  Finally, don’t let anger rule your life. Don’t let unforgiveness seal you in such a way that you are rendered useless.

Saul had many lessons for me this week.  Mostly the DON’Ts.  Let me end with some DO’s.

Do seek the LORD while he may be found!

Do put others first. As Jonathan always did.

Do recognize that obedience is better than sacrifice.

Rest in Jesus not in what you can gain in this world.  “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”

Jesus I am Resting, Resting by Tricia Brock w/Lyrics


3 thoughts on “Are you chasing donkeys? God will lead you to himself and his plan for your life.

  1. scarlet

    Always encouraged by the treading7 but especially love the paragraph that ends with, ” Don’t let unforgiveness seal you in such a way that you are rendered useless.”

    1. Beth Brown

      Freda, this one was loaded ! Ouch!
      You could continue devotions for weeks from each lesson you brought out. Bless you Freda!

  2. Yvonne

    Thank you for your faithfulness to share all God has planted in your heart with all! I have been blessed beyond measure. This series is really cool!


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