Fear Not the Hard-Headed (#54)

Ezekiel 3:9  “As an adamant harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house.”  (KJV)


Ezekiel the prophet of Israel’s captivity:  God’s spokesman for his own people–same language, same speech, easily understood, completely ignored.

It is a picture of two bulls  (bull-headed people) forehead to forehead locked in confrontation.  I have been in this position.  I would be willing to say you have too.  One is right and one is wrong.  Neither willing to stand down.  Not even if it kills them.

As I write this I am struck by how many times God’s word says, “fear not and don’t be dismayed (shocked, surprised, caught unaware).”  

Every time I am in a confrontation, which I avoid like the plague, I am fearful and dismayed!   Even when I am right.   This happens when the voice of reason tries to speak to the impudent, hard-hearted, rebellious, and those who refuse to hear the truth.  I am always stunned they refuse to listen.  Always saddened.  Always hurt.  

Consequences unfortunately must be encountered to get the rebellious heart to hear.  Even mine;  no, especially mine.

The word adamant has the archaic meaning of a “rock with contradictory properties” associated with diamonds or lodestone.  The modern definition is “refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind.”

I need to ask myself a hard question.  What circumstances in my life could I have avoided if I had listened to the Voice that came to me in a sermon, a song, a card, a confrontation, or someone who loved me enough to hold me accountable?  Ezekiel would not back down because he was delivering the Word of the LORD.    His instruction to the priests was to be as stubborn as the Israelites and he was to deliver the Word whether they listened or not, i.e.,  do not back down.  Do not give up.  

Do I have a rebellious heart?  Do I behave like a hard-headed bull?  (I am told I do.)  Do I give rebellious, haughty looks?  If the answer is “Yes” I am acting like lodestone (impenetrable stone, unbreakable substance, unconquerable) with its contradictory (magnetizing) properties.  I say I desire to draw others to Christ like a magnet but do I behave in such a way as to repel them?    Pride repels, humility attracts.  The LORD will not back down to have His Word heard.  He has stubborn love.

Lord, make me a magnet not a polarizing rock.


Stubborn Love by Kathy Troccoli

In need of a PFD (personal flotation device),  this rock is tied to my ankle!

At risk for submersion,


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  1. Beth Brown

    Entertaining lesson that hit “hard”!!
    I will envision those bulls when conflicts arise while striving to look like Jesus, which is difficult in strife. Love the archaic definition of adamant . ? Blessings , Von.


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