Two Cups

Two Cups


As Jesus’ days on earth drew to a close, He entered the Garden of Gethsemane with Peter, John, and James. He asked his disciples to stay with Him and watch and pray. He wanted them to just share this time of deep prayer.  As the sin of mankind was placed upon Him, His heart began to be grieved and very sorrowful. (Summary of Luke 22:39-46.)

Jesus said, “My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death.”  This sorrow was so great that it was beyond the ability of what a normal person could endure.  So His Father sent an angel from heaven to minister and strengthen Him.

Three times He asked, “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me, nevertheless, not my will, but Thine be done.”
For you see, that night  Two Cups  were placed before our Lord.
One Cup was the easy way out and life for Himself.
The Second Cup would bring even greater suffering even to the point of death.
One Cup would bring release from all the suffering Jesus experienced.
The Second Cup would bring freedom and liberty from the bondage of sin for everyone who would believe in Jesus.
The choice was Jesus’ that night!!!
Life for Himself and death to all mankind —–  OR  —–
Death for Himself and life for all mankind.
One Cup would bring freedom for a moment while the  Second Cup would bring freedom for a lifetime!!!
He made a choice  ——  He took the second cup.
Death for Himself,  ——  but Life for you and me!

Jesus is speaking:
“Now is my soul troubled, and what shall I say?
Father, save me from this hour: but, (it was) for this hour came I unto this hour.
Father, glorify Thy Name: Then, came a voice from heaven, saying,
I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.” (John 12:27-28)
One  who never knew sin  —–  would now know the blackness and wickedness of the whole world’s sins. One who never knew shame —–  would now know the guilt and shame of that dark burden.
One  who never knew suffering and sorrow  —–  would now know the greatest kind of suffering to man.
 One who never knew separation from the Father  —–   would now know an aloneness to the depths of His soul.

Hallelujah, what a Savior!!!

Grateful for Jesus, our wonderful Savior,


One thought on “Two Cups

  1. Beth Brown

    Great message. I regret that You had to choose the suffering cup for my sin, but I praise You for your sacrifice.


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