Sheltered in the Arms of Love

jesus-holding-childWhen one of my grandsons was a baby, he would crawl over to where I was sitting and reach for me to pick him up. This was a sign, he wanted to just be held.  Once I wrapped him in my arms, he would snuggle down as close as possible. His little head would turn where his face was against my neck.  I would feel him began to breathe deeply and to totally relax. Then, in a short time, his breathing would become slower, and I knew he was fast asleep.

Why was this so important to him? He needed a safe, comforting place where he knew  love dwelt there. As those arms enveloped him, protection covered him, no one could hurt him.  (They dare not!!!”  In this place, all the cares of his little life were removed and placed into another’s hands; completely trusting his heart and life to someone bigger and capable to taking care of things.

How often as an adult I have done the same thing; crawled over to my Father and reached out my arms for Him to pick me up.  So many nights, I have cried out,

                       “Just hold me!!!”in-jesus-arms

With exhaustion and weariness screaming from every part of me, sometimes with my heart broken or grieving over something, I have reached out, knowing He was the only safe haven for this tired soul. While trusting Him with all my heart, the cares of my life would roll off into His capable hands. His love, His peace, His comfort would fill every fiber of my being.

Never have I been disappointed;  He has and is always as close as the mention of His Sweet Name.

The Lord says to us ……….”how often, I have longed to gather your children together, as a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you would not let Me “. (Matthew 23:37b)

Growing up on a farm with many chickens, this picture from God’s word was something I saw often and could totally relate to.  I have had that Mother hen run at me if she felt her little chicks were in danger. She sheltered them with her own body. Her feathers would seem to swell out as she covered them, becoming their safe harbor from any kind of harm.

Sheltered in those mighty “arms of love“ becomes our hiding place.  There is just no place like our Father’s arms:

There is no One like our God, who rides on the heavens to help you and on the clouds in His majesty.  The eternal God is our refuge, and underneath are His everlasting arms.  He will drive out our enemies from before us.” (Deuteronomy 33:27)

This Christmas season, won’t you shelter the Lord Jesus in the loving folds of your heart.  Speak comforting and loving words to His heart. Tell Him how precious He is; how faithfully, He has held and renewed you in everyway; how you love Him for always being there.

Hold Him, dearly, as your Beloved, Your Cherished One!!!  As He has held you and I so many times, let us hold Him close to our hearts every moment of the day.

Sheltered in His arms,

Tricia Cook

Ricky Van Shelton – Sheltered in the Arms of God

5 thoughts on “Sheltered in the Arms of Love

  1. Missy Fendley

    You have a way of wording your stories where I can see them happening right before my eyes….thank you for allowing God speak through you.

    A few months back you spoke of a bridge you were afraid of crossing when you were a little girl, and you posted a pic of an angel behind 2 children on the bridge, anyway, my mother in law has a large framed picture of that same one and I immediately thought about you and your story…….it made me smile!!

  2. Tricia

    Thank you, Beth and Missy for your kind words. You all do not know how it encourages all of ” us ” treader’s hearts to hear from you and know the Lord is using these stories, scripture studies, poems, & etc. in others lives. Again, ” Thank You ” for taking the time to share with us. You are all a blessing in our lives ! ! !


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