Monthly Archives: December 2015

Happy New Year


I don’t like new year’s resolutions.  Most of the time they are forgotten by the middle of January.

Each year during this time, I try to evaluate my Christian walk with the Lord.  This year a verse was brought to my attention while reading in Psalms.

Psalm 78 recounts the past history of the children of Israel and all that God brought them through.  I was reminded that the Lord has brought us through some very tough times also.

It was in verse 4, 6-7 of Psalm 78 that the Lord caught my attention.

“We must not hide what has been passed down to us.  We must not hide them (things we have heard and known)  from our children but must tell a future generation the praises of the Lord, His might and the wonderful works He has performed”……”so that a future generation– children yet to be born–might know they were to rise and tell their children so that they might put their confidence in God and not forget God’s works, but keep His commands.” Psalms 78: 4, 6-7  Holman Christian Standard Bible.

So many families have been destroyed because we are not following the instructions in the Word of God. This year I would like for us to pray that the family unit would be restored to the way God planned from the beginning of time.

My prayer for you and your family this New Year’s Eve is that you will recall what God has done for you.  I pray you will pass on to the future generation the wonderful works He has performed in your life. 


I pray we will never forget all the grace you have lavished on us.  May we be diligent this year in passing our faith to the next generation that they might put their confidence in you and not forget your works,
May your New Year be a Blessed one.

I hope this video will be your prayer for 2016.