Ministering Angels

We had first hand experience with ministering angels two years ago when our family went through an extreme crisis with our oldest son who was diagnosed with cancer.  But, even with all we were dealing with, we sensed the Lord was so close, and He was surrounding us with his ministering angels.


“The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, and delivers them.” (Psalm 34:7)

For several months, our son had began to feel bad with low energy and a cough that was growing worse by the week.  Thinking he might have a bad case of bronchitis, his Dad and I had encouraged him to go to the doctor and get it checked out. When he finally went, the chest x-rays showed two spots on his lungs, a small tumor in the right upper lung, and one “fast growing” tumor outside the lung which was wrapped around the esophagus and the main artery that feeds blood to his upper and lower body.

In a few days, the fast growing one almost took his life as it grew so rapidly that it choked off the blood flow and backed it up in his upper body.  His airways would close, and he would quit breathing.  The doctors had to attack the cancer with mega doses of chemo that would be aggressive in stopping the growth process. Slowly, day-by-day, the swelling reduced, and his breathing got easier.

Then, he would take bags and bags of chemo and other things three days a week every three weeks (that is if his counts stayed up). His Dad and I took turns staying with him because we had to keep his little 8 year old girl in school, and Daddy needed to catch up on work when possible.

At the end of March, it was time for his chemo round again.  After three long days and many bags of medicine, he was having great difficulty breathing.  He sounded like a man drowning with the wheezing, gurgling, and gasping for air. When bedtime came,  I propped up as many pillows as possible for him so he could breath; he was almost in a sitting position.

Sometime around one o’clock a.m., the Lord woke me up to pray. He impressed upon my heart to ask Him for ministering angels to come help my son who was struggling so much.  Continuing to pray, I began to sense that we were not alone.  When I looked over at my son’s bed, there were two angels dressed in white robes, maybe 7-8 feet tall, bending from their waist ministering over him.

Quietly, I began to thank and praise the Lord for His love and care.

What a wonderful, Father we have!!!

He really does love us and wants the very best for us!!!

After a while, I fell back to sleep, and a short time later I woke up hearing my son in the bathroom.  His kidneys began to kick in overtime and his body began releasing all the excess fluid in his lungs and body. His breathing began to really improve after about an hour. Close to 6:00 am you could see a difference in the way he looked. When we woke up later and he mentioned to me how much better he could breath and how much the swelling had went down over all his body, I was able to tell him how much God loved him and what He had done for him in sending the “ministering angels” to his aid.

We have truly seen the angels of the Lord encamping around our precious son and delivering him more than once.

If our Father will do that for us, He assuredly will do and does do the same for anyone else that loves, fears, and reveres Him.

He is faithful, so faithful!!!  We praise You, oh Lord!

(Alabama – Angels Among Us)

Loving you forever,

Tricia Cook

3 thoughts on “Ministering Angels

  1. Beth Brown

    Been looking forward to this testimony!
    Thank you for sharing your heart. Thanking God for saving your son especially since his precious daughter needs him . Blessings Trish!

  2. Missy Fendley

    Wow, my husband and I just met your son last night at Ikonic. We rode up to see if we could help JC out in any way. I sat across the table from him and he told me most of this story I just read. We stayed until after midnight and enjoyed meeting him and of course, Michael and JC found so much to talk about while we all worked. Thank you for sharing this.
    As I know without any doubt that My God reigns and has already defeated the devil, here lately I have struggled with depression and when I feel like things are looking up, the devil is poking me from another direction and just feel so overwhelmed at times. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you!!

  3. Tricia

    When the old devil comes poking around me, one scripture that I pray is James 4:7-8. ” I yield /submit myself unto You, Lord God, drawing as close to You as I know how. I resist the devil and every lying word that he is throwing at me. Your word says ” he has to flee/ leave me now. ” Then, I pray any Word that the Holy Spirit brings to my heart to replace those lies with God’s Truth.
    ” Father, in the Name of Jesus, I bind satan and the spirit of depression from Missy. I cover them with the Blood of Jesus, I ask that the lying tongue of the enemy will cling to the roof of his mouth totally putting him to silence everytime he tries to come against your daughter. I release your Spirit over her to powerfully silence these attacks. We praise you for your faithfulness to your Word and your child. In Jesus Name. Amen. “


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