Guardian Angels

One of our cotton fields was a good distance from the house. We traveled to it by mule and wagon. At one point we had to go over a wooden bridge which was high up over the creek and very narrow. When we got to the bridge, we were not allowed to ride over in the wagon. Daddy felt it would be safer if we crossed the bridge by walking in the center of it.  Because the bridge had spaces between the wood, walking over the bridge just terrified a little girl of five. The wooden slats in the bridge were placed far enough apart that they looked big enough to fall between. At times, I would literally freeze in place, unable to make myself go any farther. Everyone else would cross over and continue down the dirt road to the cotton field.  While I was left standing there terrified and crying. One of my older siblings would come back to rescue me. 

Guardian angels

Peddlers were people who went house to house selling all kinds of goods for the home and farm. They were also called a “Rolling Store.” One day a man came by our house to show Mama some of his things.  After showing her pots and pans, blankets, and tools for several things, he pulled out a picture of children with a guardian angel. He then began to tell us how God said in the Bible that He would give us “Guardian Angels” to watch over us, to protect us, and to  keep us from harm. (Psalm 91:11) Mama was very drawn to this particular picture, and this little girl named Tricia was especially interested. It showed an “Angel” standing behind two little children, a boy and a girl, who were crossing a narrow bridge.

Of course, Mama bought that picture and it hung on the wall of our home all their lives. That scripture and that picture gave my little heart such comfort throughout all my growing up days. I have a picture of the “Guardian Angel and Children” hanging in my home today to remind me of my childhood memories and to show me how our Father loves us so much. He wants us to know that He will never ever leave us, and we have extra helpers watching over us each day.      

Several years later my Daddy became very sick with cancer. The year before we had seen the Lord raise him up and extend his life for another nine plus months. How grateful our family was for this lengthened time with our sweet Daddy.

During these tough times, we all had sensed we were surrounded with God’s heavenly presence; we were not alone. His comfort and peace would wrap us up as if in snug blankets. 

While preparing our family for Daddy’s last hours, the doctors told us when it got close to his time that Daddy would  probably die yelling and screaming due to the pain of the cancer. We began to ask the Lord to please give him a peaceful passing.

Mama would not leave Daddy’s side. When able to, she would rest on a cot next to his bed. If you have been with anyone in their last days, you will know that they began to  drift between this world and unconsciousness.  All at once, Daddy called out to her, “Thelma, Thelma, can you see it? Can you see them? It’s beautiful!!! They are beautiful!!!” Mama jumped up and reached for Daddy’s hand which was extended out to her.  Just as they had shared many happy and sad moments over the years together, here he was wanting to share what would be his last moments on earth.

He was looking toward the foot of the bed. Another world had opened up to my Daddy in those last minutes he was breathing on this earth. His beautiful blue eyes were shining with a “Light” so bright, his face was aglow with a radiance not of this world, and his hand reached out to touch what he was seeing…

Then, he took his last breath………

What did Daddy see?

Who came to take him home?  

What was waiting for Daddy in the other world that he passed into?

JESUS, his Guardian Angels, a whole host of Angels to escort him home, and a Heavenly realm that we can only imagine.

“We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 5:8)

Great “Peace”!!!  Great “Joy”!!!  Great “Light”!!!  This is what the Lord gave to our family as lasting memories.

(Angels in the Room)

Thankful…. for Jesus, his helpers, and wonderful memories,

Tricia Cook

3 thoughts on “Guardian Angels

  1. Beth Brown

    Thank you Trish. Comforting words and video. Thinking about Mrs Dot. ?
    Will share with neighbor who lost wife 1yr ago. ❤️

  2. Missy Fendley

    What a beautiful story and new beginning. God gave me the last ten days to spend with my Dad. His very last words were said to me “I love you”. I miss him so much every day …… I will see him again. 🙂

  3. Tricia

    Thank you, Beth and Missy for your comments. It means so much to know that the Lord is ministering to others through this. We each have loved ones that have gone ahead of us, but, praise the Lord, very soon, we will see them again.


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