Just Jump

As a child, I loved to climb trees. There was something almost magical about being up in that tree and looking out on the world around you. All kinds of dreams seemed possible to a little girl. My imagination was full of kings and queens, princes and princesses, and a huge castle sitting on a high hill overlooking a lush valley full of playing children.

girl climbing tree

But, one day I became so involved in the joy of climbing that I climbed up too high in the tree.  The ground looked soooo far away from me.  Fear settled all over me, my heart was racing, and my breath was caught in my throat.  I was totally terrified of never getting down and out of that terrible situation.  Hope seemed like it had faded away – the hope of climbing back down.

Have you found yourself in a place where you feel frozen and unable to move, to breathe, or to figure out how to get down to a place of safety again?  

This happens to us many times throughout our life.  We become caught in the woes of the moment and there seems to be no way out!!!

But, let me share with you what happened.  Frozen in motionlessness, I began to hear someone call my name,  “Cricket, Cricket, look here!  Jump!!”  (My Daddy always called me by his nickname for me, Cricket.)  As my ears listened to Daddy’s voice, my eyes turned to see Daddy. He is standing below me with his arms stretched out to me.  I hear him call out again, “Cricket, just jump,” and I respond with “Daddy, I can’t, I’m afraid.”  He then tells me to look at him, to trust him, and to know that he will catch me.  With every ounce of my strength, I cautiously let go of the limbs that I am holding on to and jump right into Daddy’s trustworthy arms. He catches me, hugs me tightly, and places me on the ground safely at his feet.

Oh, how many times my heavenly Daddy has done the same for me.  Finding myself in a terrible place, frozen with fear, and terrified, I have heard Him call to me, “Daughter,”

I’m here,

I’ll help you,

I’ll catch you,

I’ll rescue you from danger,

Just Jump!!

Isaiah 46:3-4  (paraphrased) Listen, to ME…I AM HE, I made you, I will carry you, I will rescue you.

Sure enough, with His arms reaching out to me, He catches me and removes all fear of the situation.  His love and peace washes over me.  As He hugs me tightly and places me at His feet,  I am held safe for another day cause  “I belong to Him.”  

Isaiah 43:1b “…Don’t worry or be fearful, I have rescued (redeemed) you, I have called you by name. You are mine!”     

Belonging to Him,

Tricia Cook

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