I Believe

Several weeks ago, Yvonne posted a blog about “Prayer for Struggling Families.”          

How many times have I and will I go back and keep reading it?

The Pain of a mother’s heart to see one that was “Trained up in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6)

This verse fell into my quiet time this week…I’m sure it didn’t just “happen to be there”

Absolutely not! The Lord wanted to remind me once again with the Truth of His Word.

This is a promise, not just your everyday reading material….A PROMISE FROM GOD’S WORD.

So do I believe this….Yes Indeed!!

Isaiah 26:3-4

The Lord gives perfect peace to those whose faith is firm.  So always (not sometimes) trust the Lord because He is forever our Mighty Rock.

Psalms 9:10

Everyone who honors Your Name can trust You, because You are faithful to ALL who depend on You.

The Joy of a mother’s heart when God gives her a hug and allows her to see….. He is working.”

She hears that one that she loves so dearly and continues to pray for whistling……

“Jesus paid it all,

All to Him I owe,

Sin had left a crimson stain,

He washed it white as snow”

Yes I believe, Yes those hymns are embedded in that loved one’s heart, Yes the Lord has that loved one in His hands, Yes that loved one will run straight back into the arms of Jesus.

Yes, Yes and Yes……

There is power in the Name of Jesus,

To Break EVERY Chain

“I Hear the Chains Falling”         “I Hear the Chains Falling”      “I Hear the Chains Falling”

Lord, I thank You and Praise You that You never give up on us and the one’s we love so dearly.

Father, I know that I know you hear this mama’s cry. Lord, if it be your will I pray that I will be able to witness my loved one come running back into the arms of Jesus.

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Sisters…..Pray constantly. Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


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