Ebb and Flo

Come to the water…

I love my time away from all the worries and cares of everyday life.

The early mornings on the beach before anyone awakens, I can be alone with the Lord. It  seems to bring clarity to my hearing.  I am sure that blocking out the noise of my busy schedule  accounts for the increased awareness of His voice.

I hear Him saying, “Come away with me. Come aside. Draw near.  I have some things to share with you.”

It was in the stillness of the early morning I encountered Him this summer day.

“In stillness and quietness and trust is your strength.” Is. 30:15b

I listen as the rhythm of the waves come crashing, pulling up whatever finds its way in the path from somewhere deep.

Life, sea creatures, debris from places unknown are all violently thrown onto the shore. Some treasures, some trash.  Broken pieces of sand dollars, and shells that were once a living creature’s home. It seems that all of life is about the process of brokenness, healing, and restoration!

I look up and praise God that I am not in control.  I am so thankful that my God has all things under his power.  Today, I am in a place of wholeness, but, at any time God can break through and chip away at my comfort zone.  I am His child, and I trust Him to make me who He wants me to be!  I can be confident that when the storms come again, and they surely will, He will bring me through to healing and restoration once again.

As the clouds are marching across the horizon, it is as though their mission for the day is to gather and form images to see if anyone would slow down to watch their playful display.

As a child, I remember my sister and I “cloud watching.”  Today, I see a lamb resting in a soft pasture.  I am brought to tears that God would send me a reminder of another lamb, who takes away the sin of the world.  Jesus, thank you, that you can touch our hearts in such a simple way to remind us of what joy we have in You.

A flock of birds catches my attention as they fly across the sky in perfect formation. I watch them as they submit to the one who leads them.  There is such a graceful way in which they artfully change leadership.  It is as though they are doing a ballet in the vastness of the heavens.  I ponder why is it so difficult for us to submit to God’s leading.  I think of other times when the leadership in my life has changed and I have rebelled.  One proverb says that “iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.”  We do not like sharpening, chipping away our flaws.  But, it is by God’s design.  So, I lean into Him and I thank you, Jesus, for the sculpting of my life.  

Now people are flooding to the beach with their children, umbrellas, chairs, and toys.  I can’t help but feel sad that my peace and quiet time with the Lord has been interrupted.  But, He is still with me.

Today, I am thankful for so many things.  I believe “there is going to be a glorious unfolding. You just wait to see and you will be amazed.” Steven Curtis Chapman

This is the day the Lord has made we will rejoice in it.  “The heavens declare the glory of God.”

For today I rest in his unfailing love!  

David Jeremiah’s quote is “ To see God In everything is the greatest adventure of life.”

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  1. Tammy Clevinger

    Early morning seaside has always been your time. Thank you for sharing a little of why you love it so much.

    Could have done without the birds, just kidding. Kinda. Not really.


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