Follow Me

Is this the first time that I heard the Lord call for me to “come follow Him”?  Oh, no !!!  Many, many times, His precious voice has called out “Daughter, come aside”.  Excitement fills my heart, for I know something wonderful is down the road.

Every time, it is a fresh beginning for a new adventure.  New revelations of Truth will be revealed for my life.  He will bring a deeper level in our journey together and unveil what lies ahead.

As you and I “follow” the Lord, He promises:

We will be given the ability to hear His voice,

We will know Him, as He knows us. (John 10:27)

We will be His servants,

We will have Him with us, always, and

Our  Father will honor us. (John 12:26)

What does following the Lord require?

Laying aside our plans,

Looking beyond ourselves to the “One” who knows all,

Living moment by moment with an attentive ear and an obedient heart,

Leaning heavily upon His strength and His power,

Leaping by faith into the realm of our “ destiny “.

To my Father’s question, “Follow Me”, my answer is “Yes, Lord”.


 Will you come along and follow Him, also?


It only takes “ONE STEP AT A TIME” ! ! !


Love forever,

Tricia Cook

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