Daddy’s Footsteps

“Daddy’s Footsteps”

I can remember being in the fields with my Daddy who was a hardworking farmer and one of the best “plowers” I ever knew.  Many a day Daddy would hitch up our mule, “Old Hat” to the plow and set out to the field.  He had the ability to look down toward the row’s end and know exactly where the row should stop.  When he plowed to the end of the row, there would be one of the straightest lines behind him.

As a wee little girl of 6 or 7, I would follow him up and down one row after another.  I was trying with all my might to follow in Daddy’s big footsteps in that freshly plowed, pungent earth.  It was so cool to my barefeet, and was a deep almost chocolate colored soil.  Those tiny legs would stretch as far as they could, attempting to stay up with Daddy.

As I was reminded of these childhood memories, I began to hear my heavenly Daddy, Father God, call out, “Follow me!!! Step into my footprints.See what I have ahead.”

John 8:12b… He/She that follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but, have the Light of Life.”

Now, our Daddy (Father God) has really big footprints for us to follow, to walk in, and to attain His dreams and goals for us.  His path is clear and plain.

Won’t you come along and walk in His footsteps? Stretch out those little legs and reach by faith to follow Daddy down those rows of life.

Tricia Cook

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