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Weekend Wanderings for July 31, 2015

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Isaiah 58:11

spring bubblingIsaiah 58:11

“The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones: You shall be like a well watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. Those from among you shall build the old waste places; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of the Streets to dwell in.”

This scripture has been my encouragement for many years.  You might say it is my life verse given to my spirit by the Spirit of the Lord in His word.  My promise, electrified, jolted into my being with a force that took my breath.

It was given in a very dark period in our life.  That time in each of our lives where God is doing the refining, purging and shaking everything we are holding on to in this world.

Can you hear it?  Listen.. The. Lord. will. guide. you. continually.  Again!  The Lord. WILL guide you.  Continually.   Again!  The Lord will GUIDE you continually.

Have you gotten the picture?

God’s hand never leaves the masterpiece.  He stands over the refining fire to bring out His glory in us.

And satisfy your soul in drought….  That dry, hard, cracked, suffering part of us that drains our spirit and leaves us weak and feeling unwanted and useless.   The Lord our God will satisfy your soul in drought.

We need His refreshing living water.  He will send the rain, he will bring refreshing to our drought.  We just have to cry out to him. Trust him and wait patiently for him.

Water… Living water… Like a spring whose waters do not fail.


Fear Not #2

Genesis 21:17  And God heard the voice of the lad; and the angel of the God called to Hagar out of Heaven and said unto her, What aileth thee Hagar? fear not; for God hath heard the voice of the lad where he is.

God hears the voice of a child from where they are–in this case the desert, hungry, thirsty,  tired. Hagar, the mother, is afraid.  Her child may die.  The angel says, Fear not.  Easy for them to say, why not so easy for this mom?  Doubt.  

I doubt.  But WHAT do I doubt?  I know God hears, I know God sees,, I know God can intervene, I know God can turn water into wine, bring healing, give sight to the blind and open deaf ears, and raise the dead.  If I am honest, I doubt He will do it for me!  Again, question begs, WHY?  I don’t feel worthy.  I have been blessed already.  But, like Hagar, my child(ren)’s and others pain remains and they too cry out.

I don’t know how long Hagar and this lad had wandered.  I do know she was feeling rejected, used up (she was “a slave who done had massa’ boy” to borrow some deep South slave  vernacular ) and she is out of options.

Out of options.  Is this what produces faith that does not doubt?  Because I can do nothing but give up and die or depend on God?

God heard.

God acted–sent an angel to speak, telling Hagar the Almighty had heard and seen and had it under control.

God gave–water, a promise (for right now and the future)

God healed–He opened her eyes

God was with them in the desert.

I have to hand it to Hagar.  “What aileth thee?”  REALLY?  She is in the desert, her kid is dehydrated, she is burnt to a crisp, she has no water……..I mean what could possibly ail her????

Sarcasm is an art in my family! Can you tell?

Why do we get to the end of our rope before we cry out to God?  Why is He my last resort instead of my first thought?  Some things to ponder today.

Blessings to you!


Daddy’s Footsteps

“Daddy’s Footsteps”

I can remember being in the fields with my Daddy who was a hardworking farmer and one of the best “plowers” I ever knew.  Many a day Daddy would hitch up our mule, “Old Hat” to the plow and set out to the field.  He had the ability to look down toward the row’s end and know exactly where the row should stop.  When he plowed to the end of the row, there would be one of the straightest lines behind him.

As a wee little girl of 6 or 7, I would follow him up and down one row after another.  I was trying with all my might to follow in Daddy’s big footsteps in that freshly plowed, pungent earth.  It was so cool to my barefeet, and was a deep almost chocolate colored soil.  Those tiny legs would stretch as far as they could, attempting to stay up with Daddy.

As I was reminded of these childhood memories, I began to hear my heavenly Daddy, Father God, call out, “Follow me!!! Step into my footprints.See what I have ahead.”

John 8:12b… He/She that follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but, have the Light of Life.”

Now, our Daddy (Father God) has really big footprints for us to follow, to walk in, and to attain His dreams and goals for us.  His path is clear and plain.

Won’t you come along and walk in His footsteps? Stretch out those little legs and reach by faith to follow Daddy down those rows of life.

Tricia Cook

Fear Not

Genesis 15:1 After these things the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I AM thy shield and thy exceeding great reward.  (KJV)

Let’s start with some basics:

Word – John 1:1

Vision – a dream or dream-like state

I AM – LORD’s name, Jehovah

Shield – armor of the LORD provided by the Spirit = faith

Great reward – gifts for faithfulness, God Himself, my friend

Fear in Hebrew is according to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance:

# 3372 yare’ (yaw-ray’) meaning to revere, to make afraid, dread, reverence, see dreadful thing.

#3373 yare’ from 3372 fearing, afraid, fear

#3374 yir’ah (yir-aw’) fem of 3373 fear, exceedingly reverent

#4172 mowra’   morah from 3372 fear, a fearful thing,dread, terribleness, terror

#6343 pachad from 6342 pachad (paw-kkad) primary root to startle, alarm, great fear, dread

This is a journey to discover 365 reasons (one per day for a year) the LORD (God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit), angels, or spokesperson chosen by God says, “Fear not.”

The truth is fear is a result of doubt which limits the Spirit’s work.  Do I have doubts?  OMGosh yes!  For decades I have lived in fear of losing loved ones and I have. I needed this study years ago.  I don’t show fear outwardly but internally I am in a puddle.

Fasting is easy during these times; prayer not so much.  I mean who can eat with a lump in the throat or pray with tongue cleaving to the roof of the mouth?

Faith is in direct opposition to doubt.  I am going to learn to trust and not fear if it takes me to the gates of glory.  Doubt blocks Providence because it keeps my controlling fingers wrapped around the problem instead of showing tow-dah, thanksgiving, by opening my hand and releasing the problem, heartache, trauma, anger, bitterness, whatever to HIM!

The LORD himself came to Abram which may have had him a wee bit petrified.  But His words were fear not because He was his faith and his reward! In other words, HE provides the faith.  We don’t have to muster it up!  He is our reward.  He provides ALL!

Father thank you for your patience and love.  It is grace to me that you are so willing to deal with this stubborn daughter.  Teach me this truth one verse at a time!  I love you LORD!

Blessing for today,


Treading is defined as to press beneath feet, to step or walk on, to walk on over.  Peter asked Jesus if he could walk on water and Jesus told him to “come!”  We are a band of sisters also asking to do the impossible and walk on water but like Peter we too end up doing some treading water while we cry out to the ONE who rescues.

Today, as I was thinking about treading water because I had forgotten how much I LOVE to swim, the correlation between faith and doubt to swimming and treading water, this mental picture came to me.  I am a lifeguard and a swimming instructor.  I have taught thousands of children and hundreds of lifeguards through the years.  I have also taught adults who came with a lifetime of fear of the water.  As we talk about fear, it occurs to me that faith or doubt is based on the person into whose hands one is placing their life.  When I reflect on all these precious people who trusted me to teach them, I see them bravely moving from pool to ocean.  I see two lifeguards on the beach keeping watch over them:  Me, all five feet of me, in my regular beach garb and the official lifeguard in their red uniform suits, holding a torpedo buoy, standing with binoculars high above the beach, all buff and fit.  If I asked anyone I have taught which one of the two lifeguards on the beach they would want to come get them should they get into trouble, I would be willing to bet they would choose the one they KNEW!  Why?  Because they have a relationship with the one they know.  They believe the one they know will rescue them or die trying.  Trust has been built through difficult experiences with the one they know.  They would not doubt the ability of the one they know to rescue them from drowning even though they have never seen either lifeguard rescue a soul!

This is how it is with God.  We don’t trust, i.e., we fear (doubt) because we DO NOT know Him.  Our life experiences may have convinced us that He cannot be trusted because we mistakenly think “if He loved me He wouldn’t let this happen,” when the reality is very bad things happen to everyone at some point in time because we live in this very broken world.  It has been said, “expectations destroy relationships,” and NOTHING could be truer.  The expectation that becoming a believer in Christ means an easy life has been the detour of many a Christian’s walk of faith.

As I study Scripture’s fear nots and the fear the LORD your Gods, it becomes increasingly clear that those who do not know the LORD, doubt Him.  Those who entrusted their lives to Him, revere (fear) Him and trust Him and because of this knowledge they have faith when He says, “Fear not,” that they need not fear.  Faith is a verb not a cerebral exercise.  It is not a matter of quantity of faith because Jesus said all you need is mustard seed size faith in HIM and HE will move the mountains  Faith is a PERSON!

A puzzle piece just fell into place.  Tomorrow we will begin to look one verse at a time into the fear nots of Scripture.  In the meantime, I think I just stepped out on the water.  I hope I just threw you a torpedo buoy.  No treading water today.  Think I will go for a swim!