Devotion 4: Trust

By Steve – originally posted to Flickr as Horses 2, CC BY 2.0,


Horses are amazing animals. They are strong, beautiful, and grandly display the workmanship of God, but they can also get easily distracted. To prevent the horse from being distracted they must wear blinders. In many ways we are like horses and like horses we as humans have blinders on. We cannot always see the big picture. In fact we rarely do but here is the great news- we have a God who does. God sees the big picture for not only our lives but also the lives of every single other individual on Earth. Sometimes we go through some hard times that can be difficult and frustrating no matter how minor they may seem. Even if our problems may seem small compared to others they are still top priority to God. Keep in mind that what we see is limited but God has us in certain situations for a reason. He may have us in these predicaments in order for us to be a light in someone else’s dark world. So like horses we must trust our rider even though we may not be able to see for ourselves. We must put our trust in God and His plan for not only our lives but also everyone else’s around us. We may make plans on how we want our lives to turn out but God may have other plans for us. Better plans. Often we find that if we do trust in God and HIs plan that He will take care of it and we come out of it much better than when we went in. There have been several instances in my own life where I have had to put all my trust and faith in God to solve certain situations and God did. God solved it better than I could have imagined. I found that if I just sat back and let God take control that He will get me where I need to go and take me on a far better route than I would have taken myself. We have to always trust that God’s plans are far better than our own because they are. Never doubt that God has a plan for our lives and never deny God your complete trust and faith.

Lauren Daigle – Trust In You



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